Adding sound file player with Speed control

I am developing a music site that requires a list of sound files (mp3s) to be played on selection and for the user to be able to control the playback speed to make learning easier.
Looking for any suggestions.

That is build in in the audio component. If you want a visual control you can add a range input
here is an example

Thanks for the response, however all I got with the link was a 404 message!

In the Studio panel, scroll down to Misc and you’ll find the standard HTML Audio component.

You’d have to write some custom JS to control the playback speed, like in this example…

If you search around with Google, you might be able to find a free javascript player that has speed control. There are, of course, many paid options…

One don’t need custom js for control the playback speed, it is built in in the audio component

You are correct. I haven’t added this to a website in years. It seems I didn’t look closely enough.

Thanks for the suggestions. I will try them out.