Adding sub-directories

Hello again. I need to be able to add sub-folders or directories. How should this be done? I have a similar need regarding images. The main website that I have that I am trying to create an updated version for in Bootstrap Studio has hundreds of images at different sizes. It always helped to have them organized in specific folders relative to their size.

Thanks again.

Right click a folder in the design tab and choose New Folder


Thank you kuligaposten That was helpful. Although I did run into some weird behavior.

When I was trying to add folders, rename them, and move things in the lower right Design widow it was not responding most of the time. When it did, it would not do what I was intending. For instance, I would choose to rename a fold but it would instead, move an image that was below it into the folder. I tried rebooting but it did not help.

My system: Mac Studio M2 Max, Sonoma 14.3.1