Admin Template

The online demo has an admin template, but the purchased version (4.4.9) has no admin template. I several online components, when I try to install them, say that they were created with a more recent version. Where can the more recent version be obtained? 4.4.9 (on both mac and pc) says that it is up to date, when I select check for upgrades on the menu.

It's customary when participating in any sort of forum that before posting questions one checks to see if anyone has posted the same, or related questions, previously. Doing so will result in at least the following being found:

Checking your "About" item in the Help menu will reveal that the current version of BSS is 4.5.8 -- several ahead of 4.4.9

From the File/New Design menu you'll see that one of the options is SB Admin

Compliments of the season to you -- I wouldn't be expecting any replies from the developers at this time.

Do you have the standard version of BSS which only includes one year of upgrades, or the lifetime version? If you have the lifetime version, the program should automatically update itself to the latest version as long as you have a live internet connection.