Adobe Fonts?

Anyone tried to see if an Adobe subscription works with BSS. Is there a work-around to load the Adobe fonts?

I have not been able to either, except to include the “web project” embed code in the head section. This works once the page is rendered but not in the BSS UI. Any luck on your side?

Probably the reason they won’t show up in the BSS UI is because you’re adding them by code. If the fonts are hosted on a different website, BSS will not connect within the program’s workspace to other websites for security reasons. This is by design.

If you want to be able to see the Adobe fonts rendered in the BSS program, you will need to download the web font files from Adobe, and install them as custom fonts…

thanks – I had seen this suggestion. But I was unable to locate the Adobe font files – I have a license and they are activated on my laptop, just can’t track them down. I looked in various Adobe folders (Indesign, CC) and in windows/fonts but no luck. Suggestions? thanks

OK I found an excellent reference to locate and copy them…

I’m glad you found a solution on the web, because although this forum is entitled “Help and How To” it really should be subtitled “with using Bootstrap Studio.” It’s unlikely you would have gotten an answer here.

People are constantly posting general “How do I do this?” questions in this forum that have nothing to do with Bootstrap Studio.

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