Ads in Online Components

Is it possible to somehow restrict people from using the Online Components as a source of advertising their businesses? It's tacky, it's rude, and that's not what we are looking for in Components. Most everyone that is looking there is already building websites or at least doing their own. Having people use the text there as a means to get people to hire them for site design is just wrong. An example would be the component named "Model + Form" by Pedro Leao (has special character in last name for the "a") who listed a "Model + Form" with no preview at all and all of the text is just an ad trying to get people to hire him to do their websites. Nothing says anything about the Component at all.

P.S. Looking even further he is doing this with "All" of the components he's uploading. That's just messed up!

Thanks for starting this thread! We don't monitor the components closely. If some of them are of low value, you can downvote them (and/or leave a comment warning other users). We will start treating components that reach a negative score as flagged and will keep close attention to them.