All Files NOT exporting as needed!

This is a big emergency guys!

I know I posted on this somewhere, but I've searched and searched and cannot find the post but ....

The app is not exporting all the files as it should. At first it was just the Fonts folder it wasn't exporting. Now it's not exporting the Bootstrap folder either. These are extremely important files that we need! Please fix this ASAP! There's no other way for us to get those files unless we had a backup already which thankfully I did, but I have 3 brand new projects that I will need these files for!

I don't know if it's all versions or just Bootstrap 3, but so far I've only tested some of the Bootstrap 3 projects and most of them are not exporting all the Assets. All I'm getting are the CSS, JS and IMG folders.

This is a random thing at best, I just exported the same project after opening another one (which didn't export the Fonts folder at all), and now this same project that didn't export the Bootstrap or Fonts folder, exported them all as it should have. I'm baffled here, but this has been an ongoing thing for a while with the Fonts folder randomly not exporting, but now with the Bootstrap folder doing it, there's definitely something going on here that needs fixing quickly!

Sorry that you've run into problems! As I understand this happens at random?

Yes, and someone else posted yesterday (can't find the thread at the moment) that they are having issues with export not exporting right also, but they didn't elaborate on what issues they had so I'm not sure if it's the same, just assuming it is.

Definitely random. Happens on some projects and not on others, happens on a project once then doesn't do it next time. Maybe your fix on the lag issues will fix this? Being as random as it seems to be, could it be that it just was lagging out as it exported? Dunno, guess we'll see soon, but hopefully it's something fixable.

Hello Jo! I have the same problem with publishing my webpage. After updating some design and republishing it, the webpage is still the same, except a minor updates such as font colors and etc. I've updated a couple pics and added a gif file, but seems like it just won't get uploaded.

@BazeT: The issue you're having isn't the same thing. That's a different issue which I haven't seen before myself. My change are pretty much always there. My issue is it isn't Exporting all the Supporting File folders all the time in the Assets folder.

For your issue have you tried clearing your browser cache to make sure the files are there? Check your FTP program and see if the file dates/times have changed at all on the server side after you do an upload. If the files are updated in BSS and saved, it's highly unlikely that your issue is caused by BSS, but by either a faulty FTP program or user error not getting the files correctly uploaded.

Oh, thanks a lot Jo!

Stop coming to the forums on this and report it to Support as you should be doing. Reporting it here is not the most optimal way to get assistance with app issues. You were already told that last time you posted about it. Use the support system, we can’t help your crashing here on the forums, wish we could but we can’t.

Just FYI I've never had an issue with exporting files with this program. Just so everyone else knows this is not an program wide issue!

wow, rude much?

Quoting a post I created in response to someone that has asked for help multiple times for something they were told couldn't be fixed by anyone on the forums and making it into a rude comment to me is just immature. What are you, 5 years old? You should be ashamed of yourself.

Can we get a blocking system so we can block posters please? This is something I didn't even need to waste my time reading. I'm busy enough without having this type of crap from totally rude people.