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So another ‘Showcase’ which I’ve been working on over the weekend. Designed from scratch for a dummy business and maybe to turn into a template.
I wanted to include an Accordion as a secondary navigation system using icons. The first link is populated, the rest for show. I also wanted to make it look and feel friendly.
Still some work to do but hopefully it gives you an idea of where it’s going.

Dummy Business Site

Appreciate your feedback, thanks.

I find the accordion menu to be quite novel as you have implemented it, however it is frustrating to have to press one of the icons to show the menu. I think it should be shown by default.

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I like it :+1: will be interested to see how you progress with it

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So I updated the accordion after seeing your comments and also created an alternative (demo2) which you can get to via the menu. This one uses a carousel and I think I prefer it and also like it open as standard.

Thanks for the feedback.

I created an alternative version (demo2) and added some more content for visual purposes, I think I prefer demo 2.

Thanks for checking it out.

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Nice work. I found the accordian pleasing to the eye as well, but there is a bit of a glitch or hitch at the end of each slide loading. It’s like it’s snapping into place with the image below it and I don’t think that’s what you want it to do. My guess is that the photos are different heights, but here’s a video to see what I see. Watch the image below the slider (the Quality image) and you’ll see it jumping into place:

Thanks Jo, yes I get the same, it’s to do with my setting the height (vh). I think I’ve found a work around so update soon, that said demo two from the menu is better as this uses a carousel.

I think it’s sorted… I hope anyway :wink:

Yup, demo 2 works really nicely on my iPad, both orientations… looks great too… nice work !

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