Allow Us To Add CUSTOM CODE to the Header

Hey, I suggested a while ago to build a Facebook / Twitter Social Graph plugin, so we can set this all up.

In the mean time, could you please allow us to add custom code to the header? This way we can get that all done, externally. Yeah?!

I too have wondered why we can't tweak the header as can't see a way to add meta data for keywords

@BSS devs - is there a reason why we can't convert to html and insert custom code?

We also need the ability to incorporate favicons to our designs

@Shae for now I've simply placed favicon.ico in the ROOT folder of my export. It works, but isn't as diverse as app specific icons meta.

bump as if there is no desire to open up the header can we at least have support within the app for favicon and seo related purposes.

Thank you for starting this discussion! We are just finishing a feature for editing meta tags within pages. This will be released next week, with release 2.2.4.

Adding custom code to the head is not support for technical reasons. Aside from meta tags, what would you use Custom Code in the head for? Maybe we can think of better ways to solve your use cases.

Thanks Martin! Meta tags are for sure a great start.

Favicon generation

  • as good as:

  • These guys allow for device specific icons

Custom Code for Tracking

  • Facebook / Google / Other tracking software some times prefer code to run in the header - don't they?

  • Do we REALLY need Javascript in the header? I'm SURE some people will, but maybe by limiting this, it's actually better for the internet? Hard call.

Open Graph Meta Data

  • has good documentation, but I don't think ALL of it is necessary, especially to start the feature.

  • Facebook - You can test what Facebook can pull with this tool,

    • Here's a link to my website data pull, which as you can see... has a picture of the interior of a car... NOT what my website is really about. I'd like to make it a custom image.


  • Twitter

    • All open graph stuff would apply, Twitter / Facebook are the big guys.

SEO / Organic


  • So it's good if some one pastes your website in to their newsfeed.

I think this stuff here would be a fantastic addition in the next release, and would certainly be selling points ;)


Could you please allow to set these options in the HEAD section please? <base> Defines a default address or a default target for all links on a page <link> Defines the relationship between a document and an external resource

And this in the footer section <script> Defines a client-side script

and allow to set async or defer attribute for <script> so we have full control over the page loading speed. It would allow to pass the PageSpeed Insights from Google with no "Should Fix". Bootstrap .js file should appear in the property of the page so we can set then to async or defer also.

Thank you.

I need to put Google Tag Manager js code in the header. Please, give us a way to do that.

Would be great if there was a way to add JSON-LD scripts to the HEAD tag for structured data markup.

Even better if there was a way to add structured data markup dynamically somehow.

With such a feature Bootstrap Studio would absolutely dominate in the website builder niche :)

I want to change the X button on a modal header, but due to it being locked for some reason I cannot change it. This is extremely frustrating to me. We should be able to unlock them as we wish if we know what we're doing.

Incase you haven't seen this was fixed in latest release as you can now add custom code in the head

Can someone provide a link to the documentation or a video on how to do this?

Found it. A bit of a newbie here.

enter image description here

Let us into the header, if for no other reason than to cleanup leftover items from the import HTML function. Not all pages start and end with bootstrap studio.

This problem seems to be old. I need such a EU cookie consent on my page but there is no prebuild stuff in BSS - so i want to use external custom code. It needs to be added into the header. But i can't customise the, what can I do?


Actually you can already, here how :

---| Global, all html file for your project :

1) Click the project "Settings" button.

2) Under the Design Category, click "Head Content"

3) Paste your custom code. The code will be applied to all pages of your project.

---| Local, one html page of your project :

1) Right Click on our html page then click "Properties"

2) Click on "Head Content"

3) Paste your custom code. The code will be applied only to this page.