ALT and TITLE Tag for Links and Images

Why not implementing in the right options menue the possible to write "alt="alt text" for images and title="title-text" for links?

It's already there. Check again. If you don't see it for links then you aren't using the link insertion correctly..

Thank Jo, I found it at the attributes window down at the bottom from the html window;-)

@Jo, where is the option to add a title="some title" to a link, in the same way that an alt="Alt text" can be added to an image?

I can see that it is possible to add it in the Attributes window, but that is painful! I'm creating a lightbox gallery that uses the link title for caption text and having to type "title" and then the text for every link in the attributes is much less friendly than the way alt is handled for images.

Add the title and alt tags using the Attributes window by adding a new attribute. No quotation marks are needed so just type:

title or alt

in the first box and then type:

the title or alt text you want it to be

in the second box and that creates a title

I believe we've asked for those to be added to the Options pane, but I don't recall for sure. I know it was discussed in here somewhere lol. May want to find that post and add onto it if you want them added in the main options area. Seems to me they should be there as they are integral parts of Links. I believe they show up for Images, or at least the "alt" does since it's a needed item for validation.

How do you apply "title=" and "alt=" tags to a background image without converting to html?