Alt in background section images


I’m reviewing my SEO in my website and a report tells me that section background images has no alt defined.
Anyone knows how to fulfill this? in normal pictures in options tab there is “alt” option, but I could not find it in section


Search Engines do not crawl css stylesheets so there is no need for a alt tag as that is strictly for html. A background image is considered a style since its in the stylesheet.

One thing that you should keep in mind when choosing what to use when you have a choice of using a html image tag (or picture tag) versus a background style image is ask yourself if someone may search for that image and its going to make your company money. If so…then use a html image because background images do not get indexed by the search engines and will not come up when searching images using google for example.

There is no provision for adding alt tags to background images through the Bootstrap Studio program.

Since this category is actually for help with using the Bootstrap Studio software, I would suggest posting your question in the “Webdesign Help” category. It’s more likely that someone there with coding experience can explain the syntax to you.

You could also Google search “how do I add an alt tag to a background image in CSS?”