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I understand that direct support for building AMP pages might not be on the horizon. However, is there a feature or option to easily toggle the built-in CSS and JavaScript on or off? Such a feature would simplify the manual creation of AMP pages. Currently, I’ve crafted AMP pages within BSS, but I still need to manually remove non-compliant elements like Bootstrap’s CSS and JavaScript.
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I was left with the impression that Google is backing away from AMP, but I may be mistaken.

As for designing AMP pages with Bootstrap Studio, although it is not very elegant it is possible to import a blank CSS file as a custom Bootstrap theme and remove the CSS and JS with an export script.

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I am indeed behind the times, thanks Martin and time to move on.


AMP was Google’s brainchild, basically invented for their own benefit (and especially to make web developer’s lives miserable) and it was a total failure. It never really caught on because Google pretty much makes EVERYTHING they do a pain in the butt (heck, their own Google Analytics code is often one of the biggest slowdowns on a website!) As of 2023, only .2% of pages on the internet use AMP.

It might have made sense when much of the world was still stuck on 3G and dial-up, but that’s no longer the case. The average fixed global internet speed is almost 70 Mbps, and 4G has 85% global saturation (with 5G projected to have 85% saturation by 2028,) AMP is largely pointless.

I remember back when hard drive storage was absurdly expensive. We had utilities that would compress and decompress files when you read and wrote them. It slowed systems down a small amount, but would often get you 30% more storage space. I used such utilities, but I also knew they wouldn’t be around for long because storage would eventually become cheap.

In 20 years, people will laugh at how much effort we put into minifying files, compressing photos and videos, and optimizing websites for speed.