An error occured while validating your license.

Hello, I have been using a registered version of bootstrap studio for a while. It works on my MacBook and Windows machine. I also have an ubuntu machine that I do development on (18.04) however I get an "An error occured while validating your license." Error when trying to start the application on it. It has been working previously but has stopped for some reason. I have deleted the .config/bstudio config directory to do a fresh reinstall but it does not seem to work. Is there a problem with using this software on ubuntu 18.04?

error message

The software seems to have started working after restarting it several times. It looks like it kept downloading new updates and after the download stopped, I kept restarting. Not sure why this was happening.

Any tips/suggestions for someone (me) wanting to do this?

Doesn't look like there's much help by the users here on the forums Jeff, you may need to contact support directly and/or check their site help to see if there is any info there on it as well. Good luck!

First, try re-installing step as below link.

Then, launch Bootstrap studio. I assume your validating will fail again. Re-launch Studio and finish updating, it takes 30 minuites. No any alert will display when finished. Then, Re-re-launch Studio and you will be able to validate your account.