Animation on scroll

Hi, I tried used animation "zoom out" on scroll, and it looks great.

but there is one problem which i cannot figure it out... I m currently using it on a single page style website and I only wanted to play it once. if i scroll and passed that section second time, the animation play again. it just keep repeating like that. any idea how to fix it? thanks!

Assuming this is the toolkits the Devs have used then it appears you can set it to only scroll once. but will required you to add an attribute to each section you animate. Simply add this attribute: [data-aos-once='true']

i have tested and this does work.

@BSS Devs - can you add an option to control repeating animation all the time or once based on page load.

Thanks Chris, it works! but is really tedious to keep on doing for all animation. by default it should be set to one time only, i believe that is most common setting we use. if only wanna repeat then should add code or choose an option.

@devs, can edit this settings at the next update? thanks!

I wonder if you add this attribute to the body will it work for all animation within ?

I'll try later or failing that can see if I can find/write a script to control this globally in the interim