Animation support [added in 2.4.5]

It would be cool if there was support for the css animation syntax so you don't have to export the project to add animations.

What kind of animations?

Are you referring to animate.css? If so I have got hat to work in preview mode via importing he CSS via cdn

No i want to make custome @keyframes


Please add support for:

Support for @keyframe animations is coming in one of the next releases. The CSS editor will need a slight rewrite to accommodate it, but I think we can do it soon.

Thanks for responding @martin, keyframe support will really be a welcome addition and needed improvement / inclusion into BSS. Keep up the great work, looking forward to it.

Happy to report that support for @keyframes was added in 2.4.5, which was just released.

Awesome, thanks @martin, this will be a very beneficial addition to BSS. ;-)