Another layout for a translation agency

I use Bootstrap Studio for every website project. This time I would like to show the implementation of a website for a translation agency

Graphic concept by

That looks great. Good job :+1:

Well done! Hope they plan to add more languages to their choices? That’s about the only thing I saw that was strange with only one language. That’s on the company though not the web designer hehe. Great job, love it!

Probably not, the site will remain bilingual at the moment, that is the client’s decision :slight_smile:

Very nice design/layout. I like your use of clip-path to create the various geometric shapes and use of the carousel for the testimonials.

May I ask, is that a standard Bootstrap Carousel, and if so, did you customize the code to enable it to show multiple cards where they can be advanced one at a time?

The reason I ask is because I tried to do something similar to this about a year ago. I see how you’re using cards to show multiple reviews. My sticking point was when it came making it able to show multiple slides in the same space, and only advance one slide at a time, as you have done here.

That would be a great component to upload to the online library (hint hint :wink:)

I am using the Flickity Slider library to create the carousel

Thanks for that info! (I saw “flickity” when I quickly preused your code, but wasn’t sure if it was something you wrote or not.)

It’s nice that they have it on github for free, but I would get the commercial version for myself because I’d only be using on client’s websites. $25 is not unreasonable.

I currently use Jssor slider ($12/yr) for needs outside of what Bootstrap offers, but the developer seems to have vanished (leaving an annoying bug in his last release) and I cannot get him to return any emails, or posts on his github. (Should be interesting to see if I am still charged $12 on my renewal date :thinking:.)

I’ve been using Flickity Slider for a couple of years, it’s a very friendly library with great documentation

I haven’t noticed any bugs so far, which is really promising, I think it will be supported for a long time :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip, and being so forthcoming with your development tools/skills. Some people like to covet their work (which I can kinda understand because it often takes time to find good, solid tools.)

I’m a “sharer” by nature. I tend to do and give freely to others (often to a fault.) My website partner keeps me in check in that sense. Reminds me that we’re a “business, not a charity.” I see it as karma. You get what you give, even if it’s not immediately apparent.