Any BSS freelancers here?

Our company site is made with BSS (by myself as a nerdy relaxing task), but I need to get more speed on that topic.

Hence, if any freelancers are using BSS wanting to maintain a company website, drop me a note for more details.

See, which uses some JS too.

I’m a freelancer,, lemme know what your’d in need of, I can help with that.

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Im Waiting for you contact.

Available for BSS projects. Located in United States = North Carolina just north of Charlotte.
We have BSS mobile apps for over 23 projects for clients in Manhattan/NYC.
Contact us back at herb 200 mph at g mail. Remove the spaces.

I’ve been using BSS for a couple years, but also have several years prior to that making Bootstrap websites. Get in touch if you need some help. I am in Colorado on MST.

I also do some freelance work. Based in the U.S. MST

I have sent you a message.