Any chance of word wrap in the HTML window?

I'm trying to kludge some bits together so I can open an accordion to a specific tab from a # link on another page. That's a whole other fight, but what would make it easier is having word wrap in the HTML panel, so I can compare my code to the code in the example I'm trying to use. Not the custom html panel, but the HTML panel on the left, where the elements are laid out with arrows next to them, above "attributes". I know it's cleaner with it all in a tidy list, but I can't see all the classes and whatnot in the panel when I'm a few levels in, and copying the text to a Notepad document, there are no carriage returns, so I can't easily do it that way, either. Thank you!

Not sure if this helps, but you can drag the width of the HTML window to make it wider.

+1 and hopefully this will happen if/when they ever decide to give us the ability to edit the HTML directly. Not holding my breath for it mind you, but it sure would save a lot of time having to do things using Custom Code all the time as well as simple quick edits.

Printninja, I'm definitely doing that, but after a few intents, there's always some right-scrolling necessary :)

Jo, I agree 100% about HTML editing!