Any way to Visually edit imported templates?

Hey all,

I want to use a custom template I have purchased and edit it in Bootstrap studio but it after importing and playing with it a bit it seems that the only way to do this is directly in the code. I can’t see any way to visually interact with the code as nothing happens when i click on text etc.

I was expecting more functionality and would be better off editing in VScode if thats all I get. Does BSS allow for any other improved functionality with imported templates?


Short answer: No.

Long answer: Search the Forum. This subject has been discussed many, many times. You cannot import the HTML from 3rd party website templates (even if they’re Bootstrap websites) into Bootstrap Studio as anything other than custom code blocks. There is other software out there that can do this, but it’s considerably more expensive (and, IMO, less user-friendly.)

The visual UI in this software only works on components that are added to the pages via the BSS components panel (tab in the upper left labeled Studio.) If you purchased a 3rd party template, you can import the CSS and JS files, and any image assets, but your only option if you want to use the visual tools in BSS is to rebuild the HTML manually, which is really not that difficult once you get used to the program.