Anybody able to implement layerslider responsive jquery slider

I have been unsuccessful at trying to get layerslider to work. I've been able to get this to work fine in my browser and other bootstrap software. but since we can't create folders in the root I thought maybe just changing file paths. but I have been unsuccessful. I have the entire slider exported in HTML I have created a custom component with the HTML.

I have placed all CSS and JavaScript files including the external one into bootstrap studio.

the only thing I am not certain about there is a script code at the end of the HTML file that I am unfamiliar with to initialize the slider.

<script type="text/javascript">

    $(document).ready(function() {

            createdWith: '6.7.1',
            sliderVersion: '6.7.6',
            startInViewport: false,
            keybNav: false,
            playByScrollSpeed: 3,
            playByScrollStart: true,
            skin: 'noskin',
            globalBGColor: '#ffffff',
            navPrevNext: false,
            hoverPrevNext: false,
            navStartStop: false,
            showCircleTimer: false,
            skinsPath: '../../layerslider/skins/'


not certain if this is breaking the entire slider? can't really create this lighter skin path in bootstrap studio.

just wondering if somebody had this working? and how they did it?