Anyone has that bug?

So basically my website has been having an issue regarding it’s homepage. The 1st image is when the website is visited on a chromium-browser like: Google Chrome, Opera, etc but it’s 2nd image when the website is visited on Microsoft Edge it looks normal.

Anyone else has that problem or is it just me?

Image One

Image Two

I tried on my School Chromebook and Windows 10 Laptop with an Outdated version of Google Chrome it works well. So my school Chromebook it is the same thing as Image one it is on the recent version of chrome. On the Windows 10 laptop with an Outdated Version of Chrome It seems to work fine which is really weird.

I’ve looked on Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Edge, all of them display as Image Two.

Have you looked at your developers tools to see if there are any errors?

that was the only error for it

But yeah I don’t know what’s going on because if I’m the only one that gets this error then why isn’t it fixed I am very confused lol

Not to state the simple obvious which you have probably done already …

Did you try clearing your browser caches?

It could be your cache, although unlikely if you are trying on different computers for the first time.

Maybe slow network speeds that it isn’t loading, I did notice a FOUT on all the text when it first loaded.

You also seem to have lots of inline css, and you are calling for jquery, where there is no scripts that use it.

Personally, I would start with a blank document and add bits in testing them on the bss server first

IT’S FIXED! Thank yall!

If you guys wondering how? Well it was the cache that was broken. i wish it was more of a whole browser bug and if it was the case they fixed it I’d a win for both me and the Bootstrap Studio Community! But no. Sadly it was my cache somehow but thanks everyone for helping!