anyone set carousel to scroll on touch?

Hi all

Just wondering if any users have set the carousel to work on touch for mobile devices?

Not ever done this before so before i trawl the internet to look up whats required thought id ask here

So here's the issue, JQuery does not contain any touch events within it. JQueryUI (I think) and JQuery Mobile are the ones that have touch events built in. They are very much content with leaving it that way.

I needed this too on a site we launched months ago, for some range sliders. I found a hack that sort of enabled touch so we ended up using it.

When I get into the office I'll look into it for you and repost.


You are a true gent Saj - thanks in advance

Ok, well possible issue. It requires JQueryUI and I think Bootstrap and JQueryUI don't always get along from what I heard. Anyways I'll provide you the info :)

hack plugin developer:

cdnjs site:

What I am currently using to enable touch events on a site that uses range sliders. I have a windows phone and the touch events are working.

Pretty much the best I'm going to be able to do with this subject, sorry. I don't know how it will work with like dragging the carousel photos to switch between them. For that type of thing I've actually used or I used that because the site with the sliders was before I got into Bootstrap development.

Hope that helps :)