API documentation


I’m not new to development but I am kinda new to API’s en I was wondering the following about the current API documentation for Reflow;

Where can I see the responses given by a specific API call? Of course I can call the API and receive the response but if I for example only want to retrieve the total price of an order, I would need to have the definition for it. Currently there seems to be no quick way to view this. For example once I tried to get order number as that was the only thing I needed from a specific API call but I don’t know how to get only the order number as I can’t see how it’s defined within the docs. Could be order_number but could also be order_id for example…

We will be rewriting our documentation in the coming weeks, but for now the only way to see the responses is by trying the request and inspecting the resulting json.

You can create an order without going through the payment step by creating a coupon code and then entering it during checkout. If the coupon value is greater than the cart value, the payment is skipped.