App missing in WIndows 11

Hello guys,

I have installed Windows 11 and now I can not find BSS app where is located to launch it.
If I search it is not found, I can see it only in the windows control panel where can I uninstall it.

Where is the bootstrap .exe file located?

At the moment I can only launch it using some .bootstrapdesign files of previous projects. :sweat_smile:

I don’t know if this will help on windows 11, as I havn’t had the time to upgrade yet. But on windows 10 once the app is launched using one of your design files, in the dock/taskbar right click on the bss icon, you should have a list of recent files, followed by “Bootstrap Studio” “pin/unpin” close. Right click on “Bootstrap Studio” and click properties. This will give you the file location.

Alternatively just pin it to the dock/taskbar

Hi Richards,

OMG simple and effective, I hadn’t really thought about it!! :blush: Thank you for your suggestion.

In windows 11 the AppDev folder (where BSS is installed) is hidden by default, maybe the reason is that.

However now I have managed to put BSS in the dock!

Thanks again

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Where is the AppDev folder you are referring to? I have view hidden enabled, but not sure where to look. thanks.

Never mind, for latest version of windows 11 I found it “C:\Users(UserName)\AppData\Local\Programs\bstudio”