Arabic support

Hi ,

I’m just wondering if writing in Arabic is supported . I tried it but I can’t write complete sentences in Arabic .

is it coming in the next release or update ? or there is a way or trick to do that .

also is it possible to import certain font to be used on my website?


You need to use the Character Input dialog for languages that are written with an IME. To do this, when you start editing the text of an element in Bootstrap Studio, click the “Char Input” button on the top right. In that dialog you can type and insert your text.

This is a limitation with the way we handle text editing in Bootstrap Studio right now. We will rewrite it in the future, but there are a few important features we must finish first.

Fonts can only be imported from Google Webfonts at the moment. Which font would you like to import that is not available there?

my broth today i pay it this application and try to built website it's ok but when i need to arabic font from google i can't import it how i can doing for this what's the solv it thanks for this App