Archived Orders

@martin HI Martin. Would it be possible to add an option in the reflow store to delete archived orders. Thanks

Thank you for the suggestion! Deleting orders can be problematic for for legal and compliance reasons, so we’d prefer not to introduce this functionality if possible. One of the ideas behind archiving orders was for it to be a substitute for deletion.

Maybe we can develop a testing mode in the future so one can make test purchases without polluting his transaction log. Do you think this would help with how you use Reflow?

@martin Hi Martin. The idea for test purchases would be great. It’s test orders I done that I would like to remove from my archive. Another idea could be the option to show/hide orders that we don’t want to see. That way they would still be there for compliance just hidden.

I don’t use this yet so don’t shoot me if this sounds stupid lol.

What if there was a Test Mode setting? People could turn on that setting when testing so that things don’t get archived? (unless you need the archive that is). Then turn off the Test Mode settting when they feel all is working well. This would help intermittent issues as well if testing is needed after the shop is live later. Just a thought in my head :slight_smile:

Subliminally placed there by Martins posts above I guess :joy:


A test mode that we could turn on/off would be ideal :ok_hand: