Are existing Templates Editables

Suppose I have a template which was already built and I would like to customize. Is this possible with Bootstrap Studio ? Thanks and appreciate replies.

You can import a template however it will be as custom code - which simply put means code and you have to edit manually.

You will also forfeit ability to use drag and drop

Thank you so much for your reply. In fact, my question does not mean that I am going to use Bootstrap Studio for customizing existing templates. There must be some times when I will need to build a site from scratch.

Is there a written tutorial for the Studio ?

Thanks a lot

There is a great video on the above page that shows basics of building a page from scratch

Thank you so much Chris for your very good support. After watching the video I was able build the website . I have the following notes:

1- Though the video was too fast for my listening ability because I lost 60% percent of my hearing. Is there a video play player that can control speed? 2- I tried to expand the main photo to occupy the whole screen, so that it resemble some website where I often see photos occupied the whole width. 3- Is it possible to introduce the capability of writing in Arabic. 4- I still do not know how to build a page that reflect the same structure of the same page and one can point a link to it from the main page. I used to do that easily with Drupal

Thank you so much