Ask the domain name when starting a new design

A user posed a question today as to where in the program do they go to enter the domain name for their website. It occurred to me that having it buried in the export settings is perhaps not the most intuitive place for it?

Maybe something like this would be better?

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Not a bad idea, it would most certainly help those that can’t find it and make it easier for those that can :slight_smile:

There is no need to enter a domain name in BSS.
The domain name of the site is the bare domain where the site lives

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This sounds like a good idea on first glance, but I worry it might lead to confusion like people expecting that this is a domain registration step. It will need to be prefaced with a lot of help text which explains what the setting does and how to change it post creation. And as often happens many won’t read it.

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How about if you add the same little “question mark in a circle” thing next to the field, and maybe create it so that as soon as a person starts to type in the field, the message pops up on the right…