Assets(js,css) management from page property

for my understanding right now assets visibility is only managable from it’s own file(right click->visibility)…

wouldn’t it be great if you can do that from html pages properties?

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Thank you for the suggestion! This is an interesting idea. If others think this would be useful to them we would love to read their feedback.

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Personally, for me, No

Say I have an existing site with 50 pages, and I want to add a script to only half of them.

I would then have to go through 25 pages to add the script.

With the current system, I can just click on visibility > show only on these pages and select the 25 in a few minutes.

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I think you want to make the “ways of doing something” as small as possible in a UX design tool. This one makes documenting easier, debugging easier, learning the software easier, writing the software easier, and so on… But if they could have a more generalization of what you’re talking about. I say they make the UI 90% customizeable, so that I can close the majority of crap I barely use. So that I wouldn’t even seen the menu item there. One can achieve this by a context menu on the backpanel or toolbar where the menu / popup / sidebar resides. It contains a menu of checkable menu items.

The designers of this software and of discord (for example) are gravely underestimating the importants of a clutter-free screen.

To test out this hypothesis. Just try and work a math problem on a cluttered piece of paper with your priror writings in the same ink, and then try the same problem on a blank sheet of paper (more like a stack of paper so that it is 100% opaque). Trust me on this one, I am a graphomaniac!

I think the current system of asset management is fine. Of course, I’m a bit biased because back in 2018, I suggested the idea that we should have selectable visibility of assets. :wink:

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yes, you are not wrong @richards
that if, AND ONLY if dev team delete the current way on how to manage js, css resources on the page…

as of now if (in your and my case) I have somewhat large enough number of page AND large enough resources, the only way to make sure no resources are visible in page that I don’t want it to be visible, which is somethimes I only found when testing the page on live preview…
is to check on the view-source see if any unwanted javascript AND/OR css(if any), then search for the listed unwanted resource and set it’s visibilty to the specific page(which as of now you can only do it by scrolling through list of page, with no support of type search, then uncheck it)…
which if you can have the list of visible resource on the page and if you can just uncheck it there, we could reduce some steps…

what I want IS to ADD the OPTION to edit the visibility in the page properties…
not changes the method for changing the visibility completely…
which I agree with you, @fruitfulapproach and @printninja as that would be totally dumb move…

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I’m good with it as it is as well. I mean, you can highlight multiple JS files and do the visibility for them all in one shot so I can’t think of any other thing that could be more beneficial really. To me, what you’re suggesting @muhammadhakimjazuli is actually more tedious than the way it is now. JMO


once again… I don’t want the current way of controlling the visibility to be scrapped…
but to add more option to do so…
and just because if there’s new option, doesn’t mean people have to use it…

the case:
1> testing some logic on a page, sudenly there are name collision.
2> some js that are not meant to be visible are visible on this specific page.
3> check on live preview js resource list → pointed the specific resource.
4> search the js resources → right click to modify visibility.
5> (if the mode are, show only in this page)scroll down to that one specific page(as we don’t have type search for now in the visibilty management now)->pointed,
6> uncheck it.

but if you can handle it from page properties… we can just uncheck it… no need to search which js/css are leaked to one page that we are currently try to debug…

the most simple fro dev pov perhaps is not adding the feature, but rather to make the design search to be able to filter which resources is active on current page…(right now it’s just highliting it)

Now you’ve peaked my interest again lol. Hmm, if I render a JS file not visible on a page, it is inactive while working in BSS as well then. It is also not added to the list of linked pages at the bottom of the page as well. It’s basically rendered as if it does not exist on that page. That’s what the visibility setting is for. The disable/enable setting will render it not exported (if I recall correctly as I don’t have any set to that).

Truly what I’d love to see is a popup tooltip when we mouse over those files in the Design tab that shows what pages it is “active” on if any. What I find most confusing about the current setup isn’t how we are able to set it, but that it grays it out and makes it look like it’s not used and could be accidentally misinterpretted as an unneeded file and deleted.

Right now, the tooltip gives just the name of the file, but that could be put at the top of the tooltip box with a list of pages under it that are actively using that file. That to me could be very useful.

I still don’t see the need for your suggestion, but … in your defense, maybe I’m just not needed that feature at all since I don’t use any export scripts at this time so … I guess as long as it was an option to be turned “on” and defaulted off it really wouldn’t matter to anyone else that doesn’t need it.