Attributes ID not working - not allow to be just a number


I just renewed my license and updated the program to the latest version 6.7.2 because I was using version 6.4.0 until now.

After the update I noticed that for some reason the object ID is no longer allowed to be just a number as it was possible in version 6.4.0. rather, it is necessary to enter any letter, which in my specific case represents a big problem.

Could it be possible to restore the option for the object ID to still be just a number as it was until version 6.4.0. Thank you.

this is from version 6.4.0.

In your case you don’t need the ID
<button onclick="reply_click_y('48')">reply to 48</button>

Although ids which contain only digits are valid in HTML, they cause issues when part of CSS selectors (read more here). This is why the app doesn’t allow them. There are many different ways to achieve what you need to do, as @kuligaposten suggested.