Auto-correct, Spell-checker, Prediction

I think it'd be cool if you guys can incorporate a spell-checker or something along that line into BSS. Because personally, I accidentally misspelled a word and then duplicated the page-template... /fast-forward/ ...It was only a few days after the site went live that I noticed the error and God was I pissed. Because I had to manually change it in the BSS for future updates to the project.

And if for some reason you can't get this done in the next few updates (preferably the next) you can add a third-party extension (Grammarly) or even if it's just those red squiggly lines, just to alert us.

Thank you for the suggestion! This would be a good addition to the program. I am adding it to our todo list. Hopefully we will be able to work on this soon.


I'm a great speller, but a bad typoer lol. Well I type fairly good, but I don't always catch typos so this would be great!

Even though I code 24/7 javascript / html, I found this software super useful, especially after I settle with the layout and start to play with the content and layout arrangement. Yes, only one thing I found missing, spell-checker. Actually english is not my first language and I'll find it super useful to not see that many typos in my resume :)

BTW, good job guys. keep it up.

Yes. Spell-check. Otherwise one must use another application to manage and proof text, although good practice, does somewhat undermine the application environment.

I'll second the good job note!

Oh Pleeese Add Spell Check.

Spell checker would be nice to have.

Since Aug 2016 and still not added. Great thanks for the hard work in customising and enriching the content of BSS, but this is one of the basic functionalities to add to any editing software.