Automatic Link updates needs a toggle

One thing I've noticed about the new feature that updates links, which I do think is great, is that sometimes we don't want them updated on a page. Many times when I update a page that is getting a whole lot of changes, or a structural remake I copy that page and put the original in a folder of unused pages temporarily for the sake of an easy backup should I need to start over etc.

I'm sure it will readjust the links if/when I put it back into it's original directory, but I'd prefer to have the ability to tell it "not" to change them at all so I have a true backup of that page without edits.

Maybe, since there's not a whole lot of page moving for most people I'm sure, we could get a popup asking us if we want the links updated, as well as a check box or toggle (similar to the image update popup) that lets us tell it to remember those choices? That way those that don't care if it updates always can set it to do so, and those that want to have the choice option on page moving can get the popups.


I’d prefer to have the ability to tell it “not” to change them at all so I have a true backup of that page without edits.

Make a copy of the page and paste the copy into

... a folder of unused pages temporarily for the sake of an easy backup should I need to start over etc.

If you're concerned that BSS might be watching, you could close down BSS before the copy (but I don't believe you should have to). Your backups should always be done on a different drive that you aren't working on. ;)

If you want to be extremely cautious (just good stewardship) backup the following directory:

Close Bootstrap Studio. Find the configuration directory:

For Windows: C:/Users/<yourname>/Application Data/Roaming/bstudio

For macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/bstudio

For Linux: ~/.config/bstudio

If you back up changes, you can restore what's been changed recently without having to do a full backup / restore.

Don't forget to occasionally backup your backups. ;)

I think you guys are confusing "backing up a project" with what I'm asking for? Not sure, but what I'm asking for is for storing pages that we "may" need to use again later, or want to keep parts of etc. Those pages I don't want to have the links changed if I move the page to a storage directory, I want it intact as it was. I'm not asking about backing up the project or things outside of the app, or any of that. Just the ability to keep my page links intact as they were default, regardless of where I move the page (sub folders etc.).

I'm not confused.

If you don't move the page why would the links change. And I understand the temp backup.. to recover from a bad mess-up.

This is not a use-case that requires locking the links... just saying.

We will have to agree to disagree on this one. I should not be forced to use automatic changes like this. I have used the process of creating a directory to put retired pages in for as long as I have been creating websites. It allows for the ability to make sure a client doesn’t change their mind after having me remove a page. It is also a good practice in case they decide a couple weeks/months later that they want to put things that were on that page into a new or other existing page. If at some point I need to pull links from that page I need them to be exactly as they were originally, especially if I am pulling them from the exported page directly. Otherwise I will have to manually change them back which would defeat the purpose.

Thank you for starting this discussion! The link rewriting is done with a separate history entry. Meaning that you can just "undo" once and the links will be restored. Undoing a second time, will move the page back to the folder it was before you moved it. Do you think this would help in your case?

@Martin I think you are misunderstanding what I'm asking for. I am not looking to do something for a few seconds and put it back. I am needing to periodically move pages in a project to a folder that is created to store them for future use or reference. The problem here is that I do not want the links in them to change at all as this is a sort of backup of that page in case I need to put it back at a later date, or take things from it to add to other pages. Therefore I need a way for the links to "not" be altered when the page is moved so that the original links remain intact. This would be indefinitely, no time frame known right away and I usually keep them for a bunch of months just in case they are needed. So the Undo option isn't really anything that can be used for this.

Basically just looking for a toggle that allows me "per page" to opt in or out of link changes if a page is moved. Similar to the dialog you bring up when we import images when it asks if we want to overwrite or optimize. This toggle would just need to allow us to say yes or no to updating the links in the page to reflect the new location of the page.

Turning off active linking is not in the best interests of program control and data integrity.

Full and diff backups/archives would more than solve the problem as has been presented.

You may beg to differ, but what has been described is Software Release Version Control, pure and simple.

@Jo You're always telling everyone else what to do based on your experience and use of BSS, and that's wonderful when done gently.

I'm telling you, based on 25 years of experience as a Senior Systems Programmer/Analyst, that you may have to take a step back, analyze things, and do things just a 'little' bit differently.

Version Control is a well established industry standard.

Ok this is about to totally piss me off. You need another reason/example? Here ya go! This needs to be fixed ASAP!!

I have a 3rd party menu setup in my project. There is NOTHING that should be touching that except my own 2 fingers! I just renamed a page, to make so I could duplicate another page to use as that page instead (basically I liked the layout of the other page I created better and decided to use it for this page).

I renamed the page to append the name with -bkup.html so I could rename the other page to the real name.

GUESS WHAT IT DID???? Reset the link in my 3rd party menu that no one should touch but me... to the damned backup page!!!!


PLEASE fix this asap!! I do NOT want to have to edit my menu to put it back how it SHOULD BE every time I decide to swap pages like this!!! I know I am not the only one that decides to redo a page based off another page, but you still need the information from the page you are replacing so you rename the page in order to free up the main page name. This is a very very messy setup.

PLEASE give us a toggle on if it should not only retain the links of the page itself, but also if it should edit anywhere else!!

Sorry for the confusion! At the moment, things work like this:

  1. You rename page.html to page-backup.html. A history entry is created.
  2. The program rewrites all links that pointed to page.html to page-backup.html instead. Another history entry is created.

If you undo at this point, step 2 is undone. This will leave page.html renamed to page-backup.html, but the links will be restored as they were before the rename (so they'll point to page.html).

I think that this is all that needs to be done in your case. We decided to do it this way as the alternative was to prompt the user for confirmation before every page/image move/rename which could become annoying. If this doesn't work for you we should think of a way to disable the automatic rewriting with a setting.

@PervasiveRichesLLC I am sure that it isn't the intention, but your comments above can read as overly confrontational, which doesn't sit well with Jo.

ohhhhhhhh ok Martin, that makes sense now. I couldn't understand how an Undo was supposed to help lol.

Is this the same if you "move" a page to a folder? If I hit undo then will it just undo the re-pathing of the links? If so then all is good.

:) It's all good.

Renaming the duplicated page then back to the original name would have then changed the links back to the starting point again completing the process and leaving you with a correct backup.

I've found that if you duplicate a page (don't name it) and do the changes to that page till you have it how you want it. Delete the old page first, then rename the new page, you don't have to mess with the links at all then.

But ...

I DO need to reiterate the issue with the updating of links in Custom Code blocks. It still should not be touching anything in a custom code block. The whole point of doing them is usually because it's something we cannot do within the app. If it's able to update things within them, then give us the ability to build the stuff too.

Please turn off the changing of links or anything else within Custom Code blocks, or give us the ability to choose "Both" in a permanent choice and piecework if we don't have the permanent choice selected.