Automatically display the logo in Nav Bar and unable to delete

Hi all, just joined Boostrap Studio community today,

I just discovered an issue I can’t solve after reviewed multiple tutorial.

When I dragged the Navbar(the one in-app provided) to the body, it will automatically input my logo at the center of the nav bar and unable to delete it. The logo did not shown in the Navbar Brand section, it seems under the Navbar layer… No matter which nav bar I used (even from online), this happened and the width default is only 250px rather than full screen.

If I create another project, these issues didn’t happen. The Nav bar looks good. What could cause this happened? Really confuse me and spend all time still unable to solve. Please help! Thanks mate.

No one will help u if urent gonna provide more informations like screenshot, code example or ur website or ur file of project. How could we know what exactly you mean i personally don’t understand whatcha mean honestly.

This makes no logical sense to me either. Need to see an example, the code, the site, a video, or the exact steps taken to reproduce it. If it only happened once, and you can’t make it happen again, then it does not seem like you have a problem.

Could it be that your logo has a class name or id that matches the default ones used within the navbar?

Thank you all. I still don’t know what happened, but it solved when I set the Nav Bar background color to a solid black. If’s not in a solid color, the logo will appear under the background layer. Anyway, at least it’s work~ thanks guys!

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