Backend and Exporting with Bootstrap Studio

Hello all, I'm on the fence trying to decide whether or not to get BSS. I do backend development and am trying to find a good tool that will help me easily and quickly create front end of a website. So I'm looking at the limitation BSS has. I did a lot of searching to see how BSS works to integrate backend. For example, are you able to add JS/php requests to/from a server, get content and dynamically update the website accordingly?

If BSS is meant to only create static pages, once I create the design of the website in BSS, am I able to export all of the content to HTML, CSS, JS files and continue working on it using a test editor like Atom or VSCode?

Thank you for the information. A lot of tutorials explain how to use the tool but don't talk about it's limitations.

Just found this post scrolling around:

This answered my question about exports!

I usually make my frontend with BSS, then export it and just basically chop up the exported files into Laravel views.

I've used Bootstrap Studio to build a front end for a 12 year old CMS system and it turned out much better than I had expected and I am about to start creating BS4 skins for MojoPortal and NOPcommerce software. Most of the work I would say is getting all of your current css or custom HTML tags by importing current css files into BS and tweaking them to work in the new theme you are building.

For me BS4 has been indispensable for front end customization.