Backend Development

How to use bootstrap studio with Node.js, express and MongoDB and pug templates to build web applications?

You can’t with the BSS app.

You will have to do backend development with another tool.

I don't know what drew you here -- it would seem fairly clear to me from the earliest acquaintance with BSS that it is only a front-end development tool so your best bet, to learn about linking front and back ends is to search on specific terms of interest for example, searching for "node.js" comes up with 12 different places iit's mentioned -- then repeat with other terms like php, which will come up with more results, and so on

I don’t know what drew you here...

What a great way to start off a response?! huh?

It's a great app and has good search engine rankings. And certainly there is no harm in looking.


You could most certainly use BSS as a front-end. Just go ahead and use it. How to use it? There is a complete Tutorials section under the MENU.

You can edit HTML with Custom Code, and on export you can run a script. Happy coding!

Alright, thank you guys.

I don’t know what drew you here…

What a great way to start off a response?! huh?

Perhaps not, but also quite understandable seeing as how BSS doesn't remotely advertise itself as being a program for backend development or web applications.

well, I mean to say, none other than Martin Angelov himself said in the forums (, Sept 2018): "Bootstrap Studio is a frontend tool and doesn’t support importing Node.js modules." (see full thread, linked to above)

Many would have regarded the question as inane, or criticised for not checking the forums before asking the question -- on many a forum people would get trounced for not checking the forums -- but I at least tried to treat the question as serious and tried to be helpful yet what sort of response do I get back? Asking such a question one could be excused for thinking the person knows little about front-end development tools but ... so, WTF? many's a forum ruined by trolls

He's here because he bought a license, plain and simple. He's not here because he's looking. He's here for any help he can get.

Play nice.

If anyone's not being helpful PRLLC it's you -- he's come here asking what (if anything?!) BSS can do about helping him with some back-end tasks, and you go off on a tangent, rabbiting on about BSS being a good front-end tool, while I was the one advising him to look for ways BSS can have hooks into back-end tasks (although I am NOT a back-end developer so anything I say has to be taken with a pound, not a grain, of salt). It's not surprising that there seem to be no back-end "builder" programs as exist for front-end development. given the range and types of tasks required BUT you might find the following links interesting: Monitis megalist-25-helpful-tools-for-back-end-developers/

and worth a look, maybe, the tools from JetBrains -- PHPStorm, WebStorm; and the independent CodeKit

I guess my environment is quite elaborate, as I have my front-end tightly tied into my back-end and using hooks as you have mentioned is almost never done. Everything is mostly through PHP and very little java written directly in BSS. But I guess that's not for everyone.

PHP itself is just a bunch of scripting that basically calls compiled C routines with additional parameters and java is similar or can be in a way, but I mainly use PHP.

Is BSS meant to be used for back-end development? ... no it isn't, but that doesn't stop some of us. ?

Calling a script on export is where the magic happens, hint.. hint. But everything is now done inside BSS through CSS, custom code, and very little java. You can do what you want if you put your mind to it.

I'm a die-hard programmer, and I've had to integrate so much in the past that integrating now is basically something I don't think about much. In reality, much of the back-end concerning websites doesn't change all that much. So I can tell you for a fact that everything (front-end and back-end) is doable right within BSS, because I'm doing it.

I forgot to mention the real reason I do back-end coding within BSS. It's absolutely wonderful to have everything so tightly integrated, and doing things this way keeps everything very, very simple and organized.

If you set your development PC up as a server, you can test everything immediately and do everything you need to do right within BSS.

I'd be curious to look at the code on some of the sites that you've built with this unique front-end/back-end integration PRLLC (forgive the acronym, it's just easier to type lol.)

Any URLs we can check out?