Background image not showing

When importing an image to the library and then using it through css the image is not shown in the editor window. It shows fine in the browser using preview.

The code looks like this:

<h1>nyhj-avanceret-site {</h1>

background-image:url("nyhj-avanceret-site.jpg"); background-position:center; background-size:cover; background-repeat:no-repeat; height:auto; min-height:100vh; padding-bottom:60vh; }

One possibility: Some components you can put the background image into have a default height of zero, you won't see your background until you increase that.

Hi John,

Thanks for the reply. However, your suggestion is not the case here.

When I add the css code to the section it just shows a big warning sign which indicates that the image could not be found. However, if I open another page and then re-open the page which has the issue with the background image - it then shows the image correctly. So I think it's kind of a refresh button that is missing in BSS.

I have a lot of issues with that at times too and find that for some reason the “background-image” attribute never works in BSS for me. I almost always end up using just “background” and then it works.

Is the image file a large file size, several MB's in size. If that's the case that could have something to do with it being a little flaky about it.


The image size is only around 500kb so I don't think that should be an issue. I will for now just reopen the page until a solution is made for this.


Having the similar problem with a png that is only 35kB that doesn't show the right image in the Editor or the Preview. When I use Dev Tools in Chrome to investigate it shows me that I have downloaded a Interdit sign, a circle with a slash through it.

I am having this exact issue , within the editor and in preview.


I just realized this is a necroed post, a year old and no answers to what seems should have a simple solution.

Looks like I just didn't have the directory path typed correctly I had "hero.jpg" when it should have beeen "tech/hero.jpg"

Yep paths are a killer lol.