Background image slider not showing

hi all

i got a problem with background image slider made by onderxyilmaz in online components. when i use it in preview mode it works fine, but when i export files and open page locally slider isn't showing...

can anyone take a look at it and suggest me an idea how to fix it?

Ok, i kinda solved the problem by replacing

{image : 'bg-1.jpg'},
{image : 'bg-2.jpg'},
{image : 'bg-3.jpg'},
{image : 'bg-4.jpg'},

this code in background-image-slider.js with a path Bootstrap studio stores image files

{image : '../assets/img/bg-1.jpg'},

{image : '../assets/img/bg-2.jpg'},

{image : '../assets/img/bg-3.jpg'},

{image : '../assets/img/bg-4.jpg'},

{image : '../assets/img/bg-5.jpg'},

and now they work fine when i look at them in browser. But... when i pack my files in .zip format and then unpack them slider is not working again.... fml :/

solved that too... i just needed to change my path by removing "../" so the code now looks like:

                                                    {image : 'assets/img/bg-1.jpg'},
                                                    {image : 'assets/img/bg-2.jpg'},
                                                    {image : 'assets/img/bg-3.jpg'},
                                                    {image : 'assets/img/bg-4.jpg'},
                                                    {image : 'assets/img/bg-5.jpg'},

I'm just gonna leave this topic open. It might help someone someday :D