Backing up the BSS design file ...

Having just posted in another thread where someone didn't do a backup of their BSS design file, and hence will most likely need to start over from scratch and remake their site ...

This person on the other thread had uploaded their site to the BSS servers. Their computer crashed and now they do not have access to the design file itself anymore and was thinking they uploaded it to the server (which someone else mentions you cannot do. I don't use the service so I'm not sure what can and cannot be done).

What about having a check box to have the BSS design(s) backed up on the BSS servers automatically? People could check this box if they want their design(s) backup up on the BSS servers periodically. Could have a time frame defaulted or options for that as well. I don't know how difficult this is, but I liken it to the autosave feature where instead of just the autosave it will auto backup to the BSS server. This could be a global or per project setting (I would opt for global) and it would be best defaulted to ON until they figure it all out and can make an informed decision themselves as to if they want it backed up or not.

This would probably help the newbies to design and computer navigation a whole lot if their computers crash or they accidentally delete the file, etc. Just a thought that would help those people that tend to lose the files, computer crashes/stolen/etc. or those that just want an added place for a backup for piece of mind.

I only suggest this because the service is still free at this time and should it become a paid hosting service then options could be put in place for that then.

hosting is not a backup solution. And one single .bssdesign in not enough

Thanks for starting this thread! I replied to the original post. To summarize, automatic cloud backups are only possible with a monthly fee, and this goes against our "buy once use forever" philosophy.

We've done what we can by automatically saving backup copies of designs locally, but if the user doesn't have a proper backup solution in place, they risk losing all their data if their hard drive breaks down.

Okie doke, thanks Martin for looking into it for us. I do agree it should be in the hands of the user. You would think at this point in time that anyone on a computer should have enough knowledge to know they should have backups in place, even if they don't "work" on the computer. I would also think the autosave would help most as well, other than like that OP which the computer isn't accessible on. Must be why I have 2 external hard drives lol.

I always use dropbox, just put all my work files in there. Works great.

btw, it's quite easy to implement a semi amutomatic backup strategy: Get rclone and improve the export script to upload your .bssdesign archive to your favorite cloud backend.