Backup feature and Ctrl+S unable to Save

Unless I click outside of the Stage / preview area after customizing a Text component, Ctrl+S wouldn’t work.
Even if I click out of BSS and use another program, my WIP wouldn’t prompt me to save and no backup would be created.

I have to concur that this can be a pain at times. I basically got used to the fact that if I Undo/Redo/Save etc. I have to be sure I’m out of the text I was editing. If my cursor is in there, I get some really nasty results when doing Undo’s. In other words, it skips through a bunch of the text edits to edits I made prior to text edits I think? Guessing here as I’ve been trying to track down just where it’s starting to Undo for quite some time now and just can’t seem to pin it down. Redo’s will most times go back to where I was before I hit undo, but many times I have to get out of the text edit and find the location where it will start doing undo’s. Usually that’s clicking into the CSS panel (not hitting any text to highlight, just hitting inside the CSS panel to activate it. Then it will start Undoing things or Redoing them etc. [MAC OS Big Sur]

In the meantime @agoza, get into the habit of hitting enter after you edit your text so that it will be out of text edit mode so you can save and such. Not sure how they can fix this, but hopefully there’s something they can do to help make it a bit easier on us.

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