I have sad to say experience a nice feature if i wanted that feature, but not this time…

I want to “COPY” a code to another page but then i like to change the code on THAT site only,
(so i not change ALL the pages with that code-lines, so make that unice, and not like a pointer)

soo simple but i have build 5 pages and used only “copy codes” and change every pages code, then i see all pages have the same text an so on like the last edited page :frowning:

find it ! :slight_smile:
go to the “overview” you see a chain in some of the code section, that is a link, tirht click and “unlink it” :slight_smile:

Glad you got it worked out, good job!

Out of curiosity, how did they get linked to start with? If you choose to copy something, and paste it on another page, you just paste it (inside, above, below, etc.) and don’t choose Paste Linked as that will cause that component to then be linked where all changes to one happen to any that are linked. Great feature for sure, but not if you don’t want it there. :slight_smile: