Beginners help, making a carousel slide a link

Hi, new to both Bootstrap and Bootstrap Studio I've added a carousel to my home page and am wanting to make the slides clickable links. Is there a way of achieving this? Thanks in advance

Here is how you can basically put/do almost anything in the Carousel Slides.

First in the Overview pane (bottom/left) expand Carousel tree so you can see each of the Slide block components. Next select the first Slide block component then in the Options pane (top/right) click the Gear Cog icon and disable the option for Show Image. Then in the Components pane (top/left) type in Link and drag/drop that onto the Slide component in the Overview pane. Then type in Image and drag/drop that in the link. Then in the Overview pane select the link element, right click it, select Edit. Hit your Home key and then hit Delete key until the word "Link" is removed. Then select the image in the Overview pane then in the Options pane click the Gear Cog icon and for Source click the circled plus icon to select or import and select the image you want for the first Slide. Then type "Slide Image" in the alt field. Then click the HTML pane (bottom/middle/left) then click the Attributes pane below that and type in the Class Names field the following classes "w-100 d-block".

Once that's done you can do each Slide the same way. Or duplicate that 1 slide and change the images and link URLs and remove the Active state on them.


Many thanks Saj, Very much appriciated

Hi, could you just clarify one thing for me please? I've done as above and then copied it several times and edited the images/links, I couldn't see the 'Active sate' anywhere to remove - could you please explain? Thanks in advance

Ok, I guess it doesn't copy over the Active class when you duplicate the Slide that is Active. So you're good to go. :)


Many thanks Saj

Your welcome, glad I could help.