Best practice converting figma design to Bootstrap studio code?

Hi All

I’ve got a client where they have had a new website design built out in Figma, based upon the Bootstrap components thankfully.

I’ve no experience with Figma to date so not really sure where to start bring those design elements over - any suggestions or starting points?




I’ve never used Figma but it looks like it cannot export anything directly re-usable. If so, then you can try to grab the published code and import it into Bootstrap Studio, or you might be better off recreating all of it in Bootstrap Studio, by carefully examining the code published by Figma, copying all that you can.

One solution will be to use with Figma plugin to import design. Teleporthq can export in several formats, but for this case html/css/js export is what you need.
Continue working with BSS by importing exported files. Though I haven’t tried it, I believe this solution is workable.