Better Forum + Less Spam ;-)

How about a better forum, to combat SPAM and allow for more advanced features. I am on multiple Forums and never see any spam (I suspect due to the akismet plugin, etc.,). As seen below, I suggested Discourse previously back in January in the "CSS GUI -- Suggestion" thread, Not only would it help with Spam, but it has many additional features that could benefit users also.

PS: Have you ever considered switching the forum to Discourse? Would be a great improvement also.


I agree. The spam problem is getting ridiculous. Once we ship Bootstrap Studio 4 (nearly ready, only a few more days till it ships) we will work on this.

Thank you soooo much! I hate that cut off feeling of not getting notices of new posts :(

Thanks @martin,

Discourse also has a great system for those whom wish to interact via email like @Jo , etc.,

It has so many great benefits that it could provide this community, but hopefully its self-explanatory to @martin and the Bootstrap Studio team when they consider it as an alternative.


I would actually prefer to log in and have the "new" posts setting that allows only new posts to show when you click "Show New Posts" link or button. That way you know you're only seeing what's been newly posted since the last time you logged in, or cleared your browser cookies.

The main lack on this forum for watching posts is that it doesn't allow you to watch "replies" only brand new posts so you almost "have" to subscribe to every post to see any replies unless you watch post counts which is what I'm having to do now. It's not as bad as i thought it would be, but it would be a lot easier to have a good setting and of course not have to deal with all the spam. New posts setting or emails is fine as long as the spam isn't part of it like it is now lol.

@Jo , that is present by default. I think Bootstrap Studio users would thoroughly enjoy Discourse and all its vast features compared to this present forum. ;-)

@martin , this still seem relative. ;-)

Agreed - getting silly now

The spam continues. :-(