Better usability: "DIV"-tag inside an "A"-tag [added in 4.1.5]

Hi, I'd like to make this Thumbnail hover:

So the problem is to place a "DIV" in the "A" tag



should be that:


If this is not possilbe, the used link has to be put 2* in. 1 in the image, 1 in the div

Hey @Frank,

So I checked out that page and I was able to recreate an example of it on my project. I used the Custom Code tool to do it even having the DIV inside the A.

While you can do this, I think the issue might be spec related as in I don't think it's valid HTML to do it. I could be wrong though, but it could be why BSS doesn't let you.

Though I do like this. Will have to bookmark that page for future reference.

Thanks :)


I also thought that placing block elements like divs inside links was incorrect, but it turns out that it is allowed in HTML5. As of right now Bootstrap Studio won't let you do it, as it permits only inline elements inside links. The solution is to code the example using spans or to use custom code.

We will permit block elements inside links in the next releases.

Hello, is there any update regarding this topic? I just tried to apply a link to a div element, which is not allowed by using the drag & drop editor. Is there any better solution to make a whole div clickable? Thanks, Enrico

Hello, Enrico, We added this functionality in the latest release(4.1.5). You can now drop divs inside a tags.