"Block" Components


I have a quick question regarding the "Block" components;

  1. Just to be sure, Blocks encompass Bootstrap Studio's pre-designed built-in blocks, correct? Those are normal 'div' elements? (I couldn't find any reference to "blocks" in the official Bootstrap documentation.)
  2. So we can't insert or create our own custom "Blocks"?
  3. If we want to create our own custom blocks, the normal way is to encompass everything within a 'div' element and add that to our Library, correct?

Thanks in advance for the clarification.

P.S. I bought a 1 year license last year and I upgraded to the lifetime edition two weeks ago, it's an awesome tools thank you guys!

Best, Shafii

Yes that is correct, and many times you will need to remove the Block if it has settings in it such as Container settings if you already have a container for the area you're adding the block. You can, in most cases, drag the contents inside a block out of it and into the same spot as the Block is basically just a box holding that section of code so it's not confusing as to what or where it is after you add it. The "Block" itself isn't useful for most of them.

When you do this for Online Components that others have shared though, you may almost always have to do some manipulating due to container settings as you cannot drag a container inside of a container and for some reason people that make these things seem to think they have to add that setting to their blocks. You'll need to drag the contents out of the block to make it useful and to do this you'll most likely have to insert the block at the very top or very bottom of the page and then drag the contents to the location you want it in the Overview tree. A bit of a hassle, but very easy to do and you get used to it after a while.

How to create them? I've no idea, but there must be a way I'm sure since others have done it in the Custom Online Components.

Creating them with Divs as you mention would definitely work and be more productive at the same time I'm sure. That is pretty much what I do, or if it's something I use a lot with a specific client I create a folder for their things and I don't bother with blocks then, I just make a library item out of whatever it is directly. No block always needed.

Hope that helps. :)