Block Downloads

Forgive my ignorance and this may be an RTFM but is there a repository of pre made blocks available for download?

The program itself is quite brilliant and granted there are some templates. If I click the trending items etc is is very sparse in terms of usable editable blocks.



IT's been something we've requested for quite some time actually. There "IS" a large repository, but the list only shows the most useful and newest ones I guess. You can do a search though for pretty much anything and can find it, but you gotta know what you're looking for and you also have to realize that not everyone names things the same so it takes a bit of searching, but it's not horribly bad.

Would really LOVE it if they would do something with this system.

Also, to add to what Jo said, there is (unfortunately) no... er... "quality control" when it comes to the online library. There's a lot of chaffe amongst the wheat, so to speak. Many of the public components are custom code block cut-n-pastes from places like, so often, unless you're familiar with coding, you'll have trouble styling or customizing downloaded components. Also keep your eye on the bootstrap version. There are a bunch of components from BS 3.x that don't always work correctly with 4.x sites.

I've only uploaded a few blocks, but I always put very clear instructions in them on how to customize and whether they require any code knowledge. I try to stick to creating components that don't require custom code. I have nothing against custom code, and use it a lot, but I know a lot of people who use BSS do not.

So does anyone have a concise list of what to search for? It really is bobbing for apples otherwise.

Ok scrap that request I just randomly searched and its a plethora of mixed case and peoples own naming conventions. Shame there isn't a core set of block from the makers. This would be the icing on the cake for me.

There "is" a core set of blocks by the makers. Check the UI section of your Studio pane. That is filled with lots of core components already created for you that you can just pop into your site. Isn't everything you can imagine, but it's still quite a few.

I do agree though, it would sure be nice if we could do something constructive with the Online components system. They "are" open to suggestions though, we did get them to add the BSS3 and BSS4 to them so we can see which ones they are for, now would be so nice if they would just separate them into categories so we don't have to wade through them all.

Would love to see them implement a tag system that worked as well that allowed for multiple tags. That would make our searches a whole lot more productive I think.

Yeah, the online components could definitely benefit from some quality control, and there either needs to be a way to filter by language, or just make it so people must use English. There are so many components with no (or poor) thumbnails. It would be a great if there was actually a gallery feature where you could browse through the components, see what dependencies are involved (custom code, js, etc..), better instructions, the ability to see all the components done by specific users, and so on.

you have the ability to see all the components done by a specitic user just click on the name user printninja