BOLD not applied to Link

I'm trying to edit my navbar-brand link. I can edit the text and I can apply every tag (italic, underlined and strike-through) but the strong/b tag is not working. When I hit apply it just applies the text but not the bold effect.

Check to see what CSS is overriding it. It definitely works if it's not being over powered by another CSS class or ID. Check the classes in the CSS window to see what is connected to your link and see which one is causing the issues. Keep in mind that with Bootstrap 4 (and 3 in some cases as well) there are a lot of classes that can be applied to the container the items are in as well, so it may not be directly connected to the links but to the container they are in which is applying classes to it's contents.

It's defenitly not affected by CSS. The < strong > - Tag is not even appearing in HTML.

it's not going to be in the HTML if the CSS is affecting it with another part of the component. "Strong" is not the only way to make things bold, and doing so inline is not the norm so you won't find "strong" setup for all things that are bolded on your pages. As I mentioned already, check the CSS tags that are connected to your component or element that you're trying to find the conflict for ( you do this right in the app, just click the element or link in your case, and in the Styles window it will reflect all the CSS classes that are connected to that element in any way. Then do the same for the item the next level up (whatever container it might be in) and see if the settings are applied in the CSS for that item. It's not a bug, I guarantee it's in your files somewhere and you're just not seeing it or weren't sure how to find it.

If you still have trouble, upload your project file to your server and give us a link to it and we can take a look as well and one of us should be able to help you with it. Try finding it yourself first though, it's actually a good way to see how things work with CSS and within the app itself. :)

I uploaded it: I wanted to make a part of the "navbar-brand"-Link bold. For example like this: "{Enter Name}". But when I change it using the editor, it does not affect anything if I click on bold. It's working for all of the other buttons though.

I'm not having an issue with being able to bold the Brand wording. I figure you're double clicking or hitting the pencil icon on the element edit toolbar, either way you have to highlight the text and then you can hit the Bold icon in the toolbar above then click way somewhere in the UI and the strong appears in the HTML. That's what happens when I try it.