Book promo page with e-commerce

Hey, I created some time ago a nice website with Bootstrap Studio:

Graphic concept by

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I like the overall design. Very professional and visually appealing. The “buy” feature doesn’t seem to work, but maybe this is just a design, and not a fully functioning e-commerce site?

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Yeah it looks really nice, but is far from finished. I found that most of the buttons on the page don’t work so this site isn’t totally in production yet I’m thinking. Good job though, keep it up and get it finished. :slight_smile:

The site was implemented on Wordpress and WooCommerce, it is on a different domain, unfortunately some content has been deleted there recently and it does not look very good

So it’s not a site you made with Bootstrap Studio? This forum is really for people to display their work that they created in Bootstrap Studio so others can see the awesome things this app can help create. Like the site, but please keep the posts here for BSS created sites. :slight_smile:

I think what the the OP is saying is that he used BSS to create the front end that he’s posted here, and then had integrated it with Wordpress and the Woocommerce plug-in at one point, but it is now disconnected from that integration, which is why the functionality is missing.

Looking at his page source code, it looks very much like a website that was created with BSS.

That’s right, the entire layout was made in Bootstrap Studio:

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It’s still a very nicely laid out side. Get those things all working and you’ll have probably done one of the more complex sites I’ve seen done with BSS. I’ve seen a lot of pretty ones, and innovative too, but this one is pretty complex as well. Still say very well done!

All things have been implemented and worked on Wordpress and WooCommerce - product pages, cart, checkout process, payment etc. Unfortunately recently something happened to the Wordpress page and all graphics are gone, so it looks very bad. Currently, the project is no longer supported, I have no contact with the client.