Boostrap studio design file cant open

Following abrupt power cut the boostrap studio designed template fails to open. I have invested my time and effort developing this master piece and honestly speaking i cant afford to loose it. Please help.

Just restore it from your backup.

Send a mail directly to the developers with the attached file to restore. Maybe the can help.

But... after a power cut... files can be damaged... thats normal.

I always make "save as" and append a "_01" "_02" "_03" and so on. I now the highest number is my actually workingfile. And if something happend... I have my smaller numbers for backup

Here was a similar instance where the user provided access to the file for the developers to look at, I would likewise suggest that as mentioned above.

It looks like .bsdesign files are JSON files or at least in part, so hopefully not all is lost, hopefully the developers will respond, let us know what you find out please.

Thanks to your valuabe contributions