Snippets in Bootstrap studio

been a newbie, i have to ask, how would you add a snippet from the site mentioned into the editor and still retain drag and drop ability? i would like to know this and if anyone has attempted this before, also how did you achieve this?

You will need to look at how others have done on bootsnipp and then rebuild said component yourself from scratch to retain drag and drop.

It’s actually a good way for help you learn how to use the tool ?

Thanks @Chris I'm currently working on Improvements to my self and I feel using bootsnipps will help me out. I wouldn't mind a tutorial on this. Written or video. As I seem to learn faster with aids than when I just jump in and depress myself. Any pointers?

The only tutorials available for the app are in the Tutorials area of the site (points to the menu at the top). There may be a few others around, but not sure on that.

For importing things like Bootsnipp themes/snippets/components/etc. or any other external items, keep in mind that you don't have to redo all the CSS and JS for anything, you can import those files intact and they will be just fine (minus any comments that may be in the file as those will be removed on import). You only need to actually redo the HTML itself and reference the CSS and JS that you import. It's not as hard as it sounds, but if you go through the basic tutorials, which are a bit dated, they should give you the main ideas of how the app works and the rest shouldn't be too hard to work out how to do.