Bootstrap 4! [now supported]

Hello there! I was wondering what's in the mind of the Bootstrap Studio's Team when it comes about Bootstrap 4, and if there is something special planed. Also, I created this post in order to allow people to give ideias about that. This is a start point, since the Studio is always adding new features. Thank You.

Believe the bootstrap studio devs have already been working on Boostrap 4 and will have it ready when it is rolled once bootstrap release the production ready version

Thank you for opening this thread!

Bootstrap 4 support is planned and will be delivered with a future update. We are only waiting for a stable version of Bootstrap 4 to be released before integrating it. We are also planning for automatic conversion of Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4 designs, but we will see how well this works.

Well I'm glad someone else asked about this as I have some questions about this myself too.

Seeing as that you're saying about auto conversion and not sure if it will work or not yet, is it possible to have both versions installed instead? Maybe make them separate entities for the 2 versions?

I only ask this because they are changing the structure soooo much that if the update doesn't convert completely and very accurately it could cause us more issues than it might be worth and we won't have any recourse to return to the old version then if the program doesn't allow the old version to "not" be converted.

I guess it would be great to have some insight on how this update will be handled so we know what to expect. As always and usual, I make backups of all of my files before any major upgrading is done in an app, but ... that may not be sufficient if I cannot use them once it is upgraded. Any insight on how this will be handled if it doesn't upgrade them fairly seamlessly? I hate to do all this work and then have to do it all over again, especially if I'm not finished with this particular project when the upgrades start rolling out.

When creating a new design, you will be able to choose if you want Bootstrap 3 or Bootstrap 4. Bootstrap 3 will be kept as an option for as long as people use it.

The conversion will be optional. You will use it to turn your Bootstrap 3 design into Bootstrap 4. A new design will be created, your original one will be kept intact. Due to technical limitations, the conversion will only transform the components (navbars, list groups, panels etc) from the old to the new framework. Things like CSS and the contents of Custom Code will be left to the user to convert manually.

At least this is the plan.

Thanks for that very helpful and detailed info. That is exactly the answer I was hoping to hear. Appreciate all this effort you are putting into this project to accommodate us.

I was caught thinking about how good it will be if you guys start to post the roadmap for Bootstrap 4. What you have done and so on... Just to tease us!

Any news about Bootstrap 4?

I know the developers behind Bootstrap 4 seem to take forever to release the final stable version.

I am sure the Devs will update us when it's ready and gets planned into a release so I would continue to wait patiently like me ?

+1. eager

This sounds good to me. Keep up the good work.

Bootstrap is really awesome one.I have used previous ones for my project on ticket vending machine for trains.So this version 4 can add more features for my project.I would love to use it soon for my next TS intermediate results, other education projects.

Any release date to bootstrap 4 guys?

Bootstrap 4 beta is now released, any roadmap for bootstrap4 support??

Update: Bootstrap 4 is now supported! Thanks guys!